WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A changing of the guard in Connecticut politics. A new Connecticut Kid Governor was announced on Thursday.

Her name is Myra Stanfield, and she is a 5th grader from West Hartford. As she and the rest of the Eric G. Norfeldt School watched the announcement video, the tension was high, the auditorium was packed. When Myra’s name was read, the whole room started screaming.

“Well, I didn’t really think I’d be kid governor because there were seven people,” Myra said when asked if she was surprised.

Seven finalists were chosen from elementary schools across the state. They each created a video and a campaign platform. Myra chose animal abuse as her platform. She has several pets of her own.

“I felt really attached to them and I didn’t want any pets to feel unloved,” Myra said.

Earlier this month, thousands of 5th graders made their choice at the ballot box, and Myra beat out the competition. She will serve a one year term, and has it all planned out.

“One of my first steps a skid governor will be to inform and inspire people to take action against animal abuse,” Myra said in her first address as Kid Governor-Elect.

As this civics program grows, it gets more attention from grown up politicians.

“We see all across this country and especially in West Hartford, people like yourself and all of you, stepping up and making a difference in making your voices heard,” said State Sen. Derek Slap (D-West Hartford) to Myra and the rest of the students.

Myra even got a congratulatory tweet from grown-up governor Lamont.

Kid governor is one thing. Will Myra be looking for a career in politics once she’s a little older?

“Maybe,” is all she would say.

If the announcement looked like a big deal, just wait for the inauguration on January 17th at the Old State House in Hartford. Most of the state’s top officials will there. That’s when current Kid Governor Ella Briggs ends her term. She has already had a very successful year with her platform of increasing LGBTQ rights.


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