EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Employees had a lot to say Friday at the offices of Stone Academy, which has abruptly closed three health care schools in light of a state report highlighting low test pass rates, inadequate staffing and “invalid” clinical experiences.

“To say the least, I was traumatized by the situation,” said Ashley Marino, an office coordinator for Stone Academy. “I feel like it’s watching a family fall apart here.”

Marino said that most staff did not know about the schools abrupt closure.

“A lot of the students are under the impression that the staff now in the academic suite knew what was going on — but we had no idea,” she said. “We were blindsided by this.”

With jobs and livelihoods in limbo, students and staff are looking to Stone Academy President and CEO Joe Bierbaum. News 8 has attempted to reach out to him, including knocking on his door and calling him, and has not heard back. His voicemail has a message stating that it is full and cannot accept new messages.

Jarlinne Brooks, a nursing student, was two tests away from finishing her nursing program. She had strong words for Bierbaum.

“You stole from us, and now you’re hiding, and you won’t answer to anyone,” Brooks said. “And I think that’s a disgrace. You are a coward. You are all cowardly for that, downright.”

Other students are left wondering if their courses will count when they transfer due to the classes being taught by unqualified instructors.

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong vowed Thursday to take action against Stone Academy’s leaders.

More than 800 students have been left scrambling after hearing that classes would abruptly stop this week.

School officials said between Feb. 20 – 24, Stone Academy will remain open administratively to help current students with their next steps. Employees will aid students in securing their records and transcripts. Employees will also provide guidance to students interested in transferring schools.

Students can fill out an online survey to receive help.

Current Connecticut Stone Academy students may click here, for acceptance at a Porter & Chester Institute here. Students must indicate that they are Stone Academy students.