Sandy Hook mother calls for Georgia congresswoman’s resignation over report that she supported Sandy Hook school shootings as a hoax


NEWTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — Some frustration in Newtown is brewing over a report about a congresswoman from Georgia accused of suggesting the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene is a Republican and there are calls from several groups, including the Newtown Action Alliance, for her resignation. She is in the news for filing articles of impeachment against President Biden.

But in Connecticut, people are upset because there are reports by liberal watchdog Media Matters that a couple of years ago, she agreed with a conspiracy theory that the Parkland school shooting was faked and Sandy Hook was too.

Taylor-Greene liked a comment by someone on Facebook who says the Sandy Hook massacre was staged and responded with the comment, “That is all true.”

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News 8 spoke to Nelba Marquez-Greene, of no relation to Taylor-Greene, whose daughter Ana was killed at Sandy Hook on Dec. 14, 2012. 25 other students, teachers and administrators were also murdered that day.

“It is incredibly hurtful. It is incredibly difficult to heal from what has already been to our family. These things don’t help, so I encourage people to stand up when they see this to speak up and say something it is not okay. Denying the holocaust is not okay. To deny 9/11 is not okay. To deny Sandy Hook,” Marquez-Greene says.

The comments have been taken down and Taylor-Greene’s Twitter was suspended for twelve hours for spreading misinformation.

“It is just another incredible example of how misinformation is one of the greatest threats to the democratic process and just an irresponsible use of that position,” Marquez-Greene adds.

“We know firsthand that the Sandy Hook shooting was not a hoax. Conspiracy theories regarding the Sandy Hook tragedy re-victimizes the families who are directly impacted by the shooting and our community. Conspiracy theorists are not mentally fit to serve as Members of Congress. We call on Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to immediately resign and seek mental health services,” says Po Murray of Newtown Action Alliance.

Suggestions that Sandy Hook was a hoax have been made before, most notably by Alex Jones of InfoWars, who is being sued by four Sandy Hook parents. And Nelba Marquez-Greene doesn’t understand how people could think that way.

“Have you ever had a personal interaction when someone said the whole thing was fake? I actually have. I had an example when I was giving a lecture in classroom and a student said it didn’t happen and I was stunned.”

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