STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Groups from Connecticut are helping out in Haiti following the 7.2-magnitude earthquake Saturday that has killed at least 1,000 people. Stamford-based AmeriCares started sending supplies and personnel over the weekend.

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AmeriCares has been in Haiti since the 1980s, responding to multiple disasters like the earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Matthew.

On Sunday, nine tons of intravenous fluids from Stamford-based relief organization AmeriCares were sent to earthquake-damaged Les Cayes.

The team in Haiti delivered the medicines and medical supplies to one of the most impacted health centers and will reinforce additional shipments to make sure that the health centers and healthcare providers have everything they need to treat those who are injured in the earthquake.

Monday, News 8 spoke with the Vice President of Emergency Programs at AmeriCares, Kate Dischino, who explained, “A lot of what we’re seeing on the ground includes crush injuries from the earthquake. So, lacerations, broken bones. And so, we’re sending IV solutions, we’re sending pain medication, antibiotics, orthopedic supplies. Supplies that are needed in the aftermath of an earthquake.”

She added that water is one of their most urgent needs right now so they’re sending water as part of their relief supplies along with personal protective equipment for the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

“Water storage tanks in Les Cayes were destroyed in the earthquake, flooding the streets and creating an urgent need for safe drinking water,” said Dischino. “Survivors need immediate medical care for broken bones, lacerations, and other wounds. We are getting requests from hospitals and health centers throughout the affected region in need of medicine and supplies.”

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