(WTNH) — The Sharks from ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ are circling the Naqvi family of Shelton. Despite their youth, the children say they’re not nervous; they’re a family of entrepreneurs.

On Friday, Hamza, Amanda, Mika’il, Ayaan, and Sofia will be pitching their Ornament Anchor. They’re not nervous because the family has been on the show once before.

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Amanda was pitching Kudo Banz, a bracelet that rewards children for a job well done.

“It made things a lot easier,” Mika’il said. “We sort of had an idea of things we knew we could expect from the sharks, some questions we knew that were asked a bit more.”

The family returned to the show to pitch Ornament Anchor, which was developed by Ayaan four years ago when he was just a fourth-grader. “It was a school-wide invention convention,” he said.

The idea came about after Ayaan noticed the family dog knocking ornaments from the Christmas tree. His invention prevents ornaments from falling and breaking. And it’s already a success. It’s available on the QVC and is sold at stores like Nordstrom, Target, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

They learned from their mom, who caught the bug from her grandfather. “I had a really successful lemonade stand in Stratford at my grandfather’s old Furniture store, Stratford House Furniture,” she explained.

For the kids, it’s been a learning experience, and they’re donating some of the proceeds to an animal shelter. “Me and Ayaan realized that…you don’t have to just be an adult to start helping. You don’t have to be a crazy, rich millionaire.” Mika’il said.

Sofia, now a fifth-grade student, is following their lead. “It really makes you feel like…you know like amazing. Happy that you’re doing all these good things.”

As we know, the pandemic has been hard on everyone, especially children. Working on, and developing a product and business plan has really been a benefit for these kids.

“I feel like the business has really helped keep your mind going and off things. Even donating has really helped a lot.” Ayaan said. His older brother agrees. “For us to be able to find something that we could take out of it and that we could use as a positive thing in this negative time I think it helped me a lot.”

To find out how they made out, their episode of Shark Tank will air this Friday night, Dec. 10 at 8 p.m. on WTNH.