HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — There’s a lot of focus on drugs and drug use, but three Connecticut filmmakers say there’s not enough focus on the root causes of addiction. So, they made a film that seeks to change that.

Hope Payson lost her brother, John, to addiction. Now, she’s channeling the invisible pain through a 4-year, so-called “community project” that’s finally reached fruition.

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Uprooting Addiction is a documentary film that seeks to flip addiction upside down.

“The meat of the film talks about how trauma and neglect are the root of addiction,” said Payson.

Three Connecticut filmmakers follow six Connecticut residents in recovery.

Kelvin Young is one of them. He grew up in Middletown and turned to drugs to numb emotional pain.

“For me, I found it in alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription opioid. It worked for a while until it didn’t work anymore. I got caught up in that very vicious cycle of addiction,” said Kelvin Young, who is now a Community Health Worker at Intercommunity Healthcare.

That cycle led him to prison for 26 months. That’s where he turned his life around in a rehab program. Now, he’s doing the same for others at InterCommunity Health Care in Hartford. Through therapy, he has been able to trace the seeds of emotional pain and unworthiness back to Kindergarten when he was held back a year.

“Because I felt like I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t worthy enough, that something was wrong with me.”

Each person profiled in the story has a different source of trauma and a different path to recovery.

“Each of them finds a different way to find recovery, and that is what we’re finding for many is that there are multiple ways to get better,” Payson said.

You can watch this documentary this weekend. A virtual film festival kicks off Nov. 6 and runs through Nov. 12.

Link to the film festival on Friday, Nov. 6: https://reelrecoveryfilmfestival.org/

If you can’t make the film festival, you can sign up on this site to watch the documentary.