Conn. (WTNH) — February is Black History Month. From Hartford to the shore line, there are murals surfacing across our state to honor Black history.

Ahead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, CT Murals is partnering with 39 communities across Connecticut to create 39 murals for each year of MLK Jr.’s life. The partnership, dubbed “MLK39 Racial Equity Mural Tour,” sees muralists coming together to create art in different cities.

One muralist, Emida Roller, explained that MLK39 features a variety of different artists and styles and noted that “you can hear the voice of the community through the mural.” Roller said that Black history is an important part of American history, and “without Black history, it’s not a complete American history.”

Roller pointed out specific pieces that show MLK Jr. speaking out, reflecting, and praying.

“He’s talking about that dream, that dream we’re all working towards right now,” Roller said of the painting. “I feel like we move two steps forward and take a big step back. You can do a little wherever you are to move forward.”

Roller is proud of Connecticut for participating in this mural project, as it gets the community talking about Black history.

“Hopefully always continuing the conversation,” Roller said. “Not just [about] beautifying the neighborhood and the walls, but there’s a conversation there too.”

CT Murals is currently seeking talented, professional mural artists looking to gain experience in painting large-scale murals. For more information regarding how to apply as an emerging artist, or to sponsor a mural, click here.