Day care mask mandate takes effect for kids at least 3-years-old


MYSTIC, Conn. (WTNH) — One group of preschoolers at Precious Memories Place in Mystic seem to be more interested in what they’re doing than they do about the mask they now have to wear. 

Owner Chris Eckersley was concerned at first when she found out starting Monday that all 3-year-olds and older have to wear face masks while at day care.

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“So when they started at three I thought more of the touching and more of them being aggravated by it in some way on their face,” said Eckersley.

But she says so far the children have adjusted well. They are used to seeing staff and others wear them which may have made a difference.

“We have some children wearing masks already,” said Eckersley “They have creative masks. We have back up masks on hand in case anybody forgets them or one breaks or one’s not working well.”

This mandate is the latest in a long list of guidelines for day care centers. Precious Memories has hand washing and sanitizing protocols in place and has started center based learning where only two or three students are at one work station at a time.

They also have individual sensory bins for each student.

“We’re on 28 weeks of healthy students and healthy teachers,” said Eckersley.

She’s hoping it stays that way.

The safety protocols the children see inside actually begin outside as they arrive with a one way entrance and exit and a doorway drop off. As the times change so may the safety protocols.

Students do get a break from wearing the masks when eating, sleeping, while outside, or if they have a medical condition. Plus Precious Memories has safe spaces designated in each room.

“They can take their mask down over their nose if they need to do some breathing and all the children know when you’re in your safe space to keep the distance,” said Eckersley.

Safety measures they hope will keep kids healthier during this pandemic and the upcoming cold and flu season.

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