DEA: Doctor sold bogus prescriptions to undercover agents


He’s a doctor in East Hartford, but the Drug Enforcement Administration says he’s a glorified drug dealer.

Sheikh Ahmed has already been convicted of insurance fraud, but now investigators are adding drug dealing to the charges.

The DEA says they sent in an under cover agent 10 different times to buy drugs after an informant told police the doctor was selling medical marijuana cards and prescriptions for oxycodone.

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Each time, agent found many more adults than children in the waiting room.

Andrew Whittaker just came from the doctor’s office. The same office where pediatrician Sheikh Ahmed works, the office the DEA raided after a long undercover operation.

“Where they talking about? No they were not talking about it, it was all quiet, that’s on the second floor? That’s the spot? Yeah they were not talking about it, they were just professional, they just went in they did it whatever whatever.”

While the federal investigation moves forward on the drug cases, the doctor was also arrested and had to pay back more than $300,000 to Medicaid after allegedly defrauding them.

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