NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Keep your holidays merry and jolly this year by keeping a few safety tips in mind.

The American Red Cross has a few suggestions to keep Christmas decorating injury free.

Before stringing lights, check the cords to make sure they aren’t damaged. You should not have more than three strands on one extension cord, and turning them off when you go to bed prevents fire — and will help your bills in the face of rising energy costs.

The only decorations places outside should be decorations specifically made to be outside. And, since December is the top month for fires that are caused by candles, you might want to switch to some that are battery operated.

Trees, whether real or fake, should be kept away from fireplaces and space heaters. If your tree is metallic, don’t string lights on it. Fireplaces should be left unlit if there are stockings waiting for Santa.

While getting out antique decorations, make sure that they don’t have lead in them.

Ladders have a high potential to be dangerous. The number of people falling from ladders has also increased since there was a boost in home improvement sales during the pandemic, with 90,000 people falling off ladders each year and ending up in emergency rooms, and 300 dying.

Before getting on a ladder, make sure to put on shoes with a good grip, and have someone hold the ladder before you go up.