NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Going electric is a popular shift in gears on this Earth Day.

“All the vehicle exhaust that they’re generating on our roads every day is contributing to the largest share of greenhouse gas emission to our economy, about 40 percent,” said Katie Dykes, DEEP Commissioner.

That’s why the Connecticut Department of Transportation is joining the fight to help clean up the state’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“The EBT charges that you see behind me are just one of the many ways that DOT is committed to going green. We have ten electric batteries, electric buses in service, and two more are coming online soon. And we have orders for 50 more,” said Joseph Giulietti, DOT Commissioner.

Electric buses will be used in economically challenged areas like Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport, so it’s important that they are environmentally clean.

“We know that our communities that are in the intense cities, communities of color, and other vulnerable communities have been most impacted by the harmful pollution caused by transportation,” Giulietti said.

Finding the best way to clean up the environment is currently being debated in the state legislature. Members are considering a proposal that would implement new emission standards for medium and heavy-duty vehicles sold in Connecticut.

The goal is to improve the state’s air quality while protecting lives.