CANTON, Conn. (WTNH) – A bear in Canton was euthanized due to a “public safety threat,” according to the Department of Energy and Environmental Conservation Police.

DEEP EnCon police said on Monday, they responded to the report of a bear attempting to break into an occupied home on North Mountain Road in Canton. The officers found that a bear had attempted to break into the home through the front door.

Officials said the homeowner tried to scare the bear away, but it was not deterred and tried to break in through a window. The bear eventually retreated, according to officials.

Approximately three hours later, EnCon officers received a second call on East Hill Road, approximately 400 yards from the first call, about the bear entering a home by breaking through a window. The bear ransacked the kitchen in the home.

Officers located the bear at the edge of the homeowner’s property with food items it had taken from the home.

Due to the bear showing no signs of fear or wariness of people, the decision was made to euthanize the bear for the safety of the public. The bear was euthanized and officers located four 6-month-old cubs nearby.

DEEP made the decision to safely capture the cubs. All four were captured, but DEEP said one of the cubs was not able to be revived after being tranquilized and died. The surviving cubs were released in a remote wooded area.

“I pulled in and I thought, ‘there’s a dog in my garage!’ It was a bear and they don’t care. You yell at them and they’re like whatever,” said Mark Taylor of Canton.

There was even a report of the mother bear and her cubs crashing a birthday party.

“What’s happened with the kids’ party and stuff that’s just a little too much, a little too scary, breaking into people’s homes. I think they’re getting a little too humanized,” said David Crossley.

DEEP said they have received numerous reports over the last couple of weeks from the area regarding a bear with four cubs repeatedly breaking into homes. Officials believe this is the bear that was euthanized. DEEP had previously set three traps for this bear in an attempt to capture it, but was unsuccessful.

DEEP has released tips and information to deter bears from coming on your property which include:

  • Never feed the bears
  • Put away your birdfeeders
  • Seal your garbage well
  • Do not leave your pet food outside