(WTNH) – Drought conditions are continuing state-wide, so DEEP officials are urging residents to stay safe and cool.

Staying cool was not easy over the weekend as 10 state parks closed after reaching capacity early in the day.

Officials have said that the state of Connecticut is no longer technically in a heatwave, and the extreme weather protocol ended Sunday night. However, it will still reach up to 80 degrees this week, and it is muggy in the mornings. DEEP officials ask that residents keep this in mind when planning outdoor activities.

This especially goes for the very young and the elderly, as officials said they have the hardest time regulating body temperatures.

Some tips to stay safe include swimming with lifeguards around, and always going swimming with a buddy. For parents, you should be keeping a close eye on kids while they swim. If your kids are younger, a splash pad can be a great alternative to swimming in deep waters.

“I just love seeing the kids out and having fun, enjoying themselves, nice, clean park, everybody’s having fun, and everyone is here for a good time,” said New Haven resident Lamar Lawrence.

According to the U.S. drought monitor, over half of the state is abnormally dry. However, meteorologists have said that rain is expected on Monday, which could help with drought conditions.

The state officials are also asking everyone not to waste water during these times, with things like automatic lawn sprinklers or running the water while brushing your teeth.