DERBY, Conn. (WTNH) — A Derby neighbor speaks to News 8 saying they heard screams on Sunday, the same day police believe 23-year-old murder suspect Peter Manfredonia killed another man.

As the investigation continues, we are learning more information about the two victims allegedly murdered by Peter Manfredonia. Police say the second victim found dead inside his home was an acquaintance from Manfredonia’s hometown Sandy Hook.

A neighbor told News 8 he heard arguing, loud banging and screams followed by silence from the apartment above him on Sunday. That’s where police found 23-year-old Nicholas J. Eisele dead in his apartment on Roosevelt Drive.

The neighbor, only identifying himself as Jesse, says he and his roommate did not call the police.

“I feel guilty for not making that phone call. Maybe it wouldn’t have saved them, but it would have caught him at least. That’s my guilt. I have to live with that,” he said.

State police say Manfredonia killed Eisele and abducted another person from the apartment. That person was quickly found in Patterson, New Jersey safe and unharmed.