Conn. (WTNH) — It seems more and more places are requiring their employees to get vaccinated. News 8’s Chief Political Anchor Dennis House spoke with a local attorney about whether you have to get the shot if you are told to.

People are wondering if they have to get vaccinated if their company mandates it. Employment Lawyer Dan Schwartz shares some insight.

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“If you are a private employer they have the right to mandate the vaccines but if you have religious belief or disability or are pregnant you have the right to ask for a reasonable accommodation from your employer,” Schwartz explained.

As someone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated, do you have to be given the ability to work at home?

“The employer could say ‘you can remain unvaccinated but you must be masked’ [or] ‘you have to be tested twice a week,'” Schwartz said.

What if you’re concerned about working alongside someone who is not vaccinated? Schwartz says you can tell your employer about your worries and they must provide a safe workplace.