(WTNH) — DoorDash is donating half a million dollars to the Connecticut Restaurant Association’s relief fund, as part of a new partnership.

The Connecticut Restaurant Association is looking for relief in the form of donations. What they are trying to do is build on a $500,000 donation delivered their way through DoorDash, the national food delivery service.

“For me, it’s not only focused on helping those that need it but also raising more dollars,” said Connecticut Restaurant Association Executive Director Scott Dolch.

The money from DoorDash will be dispersed as $5,000 grants to individual restaurants. The current grants, Dolch said, are targeted for restaurants that are partners currently, or potential partners with DoorDash.

While it seems like a lot of money, the grants will only benefit around 100 restaurants. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Dolch said there were more than 8,000 restaurants in Connecticut. Hundreds have been forced to close.

He’s trying to help those who have been hit the hardest, like those restaurants that weren’t eligible for state or federal grants.

“If I know that 1,200 restaurants or food service establishments got that business recovery grant, I’m trying to look at that next list. And maybe help 100 beyond that,” Dolch said. “You also still have to be open. If you, let’s just say, closed for a period of a few months, you’re not gonna be eligible because our whole focus right now is to help you right now and to help you keep your employees employed.”

As early as Wednesday morning, Dolch says they had 351 businesses apply.

The partnership will enhance the lines of communication between restaurants and DoorDash. Struggling restaurants can apply for grants through the relief fund.

Find out more info and how to apply: www.ctrestaurantrelief.org