Dos and Don’ts for what to wear to the polls this Election Day


(WTNH) — As much as you’d like to support your candidate for president by wearing their name on your shirt or mask, you can’t.

Connecticut law states that you aren’t allowed to electioneer –that is trying to persuade people to vote for a certain political party while casting your vote.

If you show up to the polls with a Trump or Biden T-shirt or mask, the moderator will ask you to turn your shirt inside out and will give you another face covering.

Slogans, however, like “Make America Great Again” or Biden’s famous quote, “Our best days still lie ahead,” are fair game. That includes the Black Lives Matter movement as well. Wearing a BLM face covering or T-shirt does not go against the rules.

Deputy of the secretary of State Scott Bates explains why the supreme court introduced a dress code at the polls.

“In CT, you can not campaign within 75 feet of the polling place and so you want to have that zone as a place where people can go in there without undue influence, and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s really about. This is their time to be a citizen and to make their choice and that’s a sacred right that every American has”

Bates says the moderators will have a lot of discretion on Election Day and are up backed by local authorities.

While Connecticut is seeing a steady increase in COVID-19 cases throughout the state, masks are not required at the polls, though they are encouraged.

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