WINDSOR, Conn. (WTNH) — State and local leaders just wrapped up a news conference on the latest developments of an investigation of a noose and five ropes that could be interpreted as nooses found on an Amazon construction.

The Amazon plant that is under construction in Windsor hangs under a dark cloud as 50 people from across the state stood next to the NAACP.

Standing at their side, the lieutenant governor and lawmakers, mayors and the town manager, as the NAACP pushed forward for an arrest and resolution to nooses and ropes that have been tied to the rafters last week.

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The NAACP is angry and frustrated that Amazon has not responded to them.

“And somebody thinks they can come here and hang nooses, devices meant to kill people, and let’s keep it real, devices meant to kill people of color! So this is not just going to be the end of it,” Bobby Gibson of Windsor.

NAACP says they have not heard from Amazon and they say this is not the first time a noose has been found had an Amazon workplace.

The mayor did say he heard from Amazon late this afternoon and they do want to try and schedule a meeting with NAACP.

As far as the investigation goes, Windsor police continue to investigate, turning the evidence over to the state police crime lab. They consulted with the FBIn though neither agency has officially joined the investigation.