ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WTNH) — This year’s winter has been unseasonably warm, bringing rain — but hardly any snow — to Connecticut.

According to Storm Team 8, there are no snowstorms on the radar for the next couple weeks.

While many residents are rejoicing, no snow means no work for some businesses.

“We are at the mercy of Mother Nature,” John Vasel, the operations manager of JV III Construction Operations. said.

JV III Construction has 60 plow trucks that have been sitting unused since last March. The company spent nearly $100,000 to get its fleet ready.

No snow in sight. Is this normal for Connecticut?

Vasel said it’s a year that is “going to hurt, even if we do get another couple storms.”

What they call a “tough non-winter” has them considering removing snow removal from the services they offer. From April to December, the company does paving, but for these four months, its income relies on snow.

Vasel said that out its more than 20 contracts, only one is a pre-paid season fixed rate. The others are paid by the hour, or inch, per storm.

“We really don’t have anything else going on for work except snow plowing and cleaning the yard, but how many days can I organize and clean, you know, and try to keep people going with no income coming in,” Vasel said.

Adam Samsel shovels snow with Finn Liden, his business partner. The two 13-year-olds split everything evenly. Prices vary but shoveling a driveway, sidewalk, stairs, and front porch costs around $40 to $50.

“Really been an odd, almost worrying for us lack of snow because where is it, what’s happening?” Adam said. “It hasn’t been great. We haven’t had a single client this year, a little disappointing.”

The two have a monopoly around Humphrey Street in New Haven but haven’t raked in any money.

“It’s not so great,” Finn said. “We’re at the age we can’t really work a job.”

Adam hopes that February and March will bring in the snow — and the dough.

If the teen’s prayers are answered, they can be reached at or (203) 361-0322.

According to Storm Team 8, the average snowfall by the end of January for this area is 15 inches. So far this year we have only gotten .08.