Emissions testing expected to resume by the end of April


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Officials tell News 8 they now have a timeline on when the state’s emissions testing will be back online. The system has been paused since last month thanks to a malware attack.

News 8 has learned the DMV expects testing to resume at the end of the month.

For the last two and a half weeks, Marybeth Keating of Keating Automotive in Hamden has had to tell customer after customer.

“The emissions system is down statewide.”

It’s been a frustrating inconvenience for many.

“People are stopping in every day to get their emissions done and taking time off of work,” said Keating, whose Whitney Avenue business serves many customers in Hamden.

The software company the state uses—Applus Technologies—was hit by a multistate malware attack at the end of March. In a statement on its website, the company says the FBI has been notified. How worried should you be? The governor’s Chief of Staff, Paul Mounds tells News 8 customers in our state are safe.

“We have been told and confirmed no individual from the State of Connecticut and their information has been compromised during this.”

And if you get pulled over—you have a free pass for now.

“The state’s DMV has given guidance to law enforcement not to ticket people for expired emissions tickets,” said state COO Josh Geballe.

Still, the pause on testing has put a dent in what is normally a reliable revenue stream for garages around Connecticut.

“It’s a hardship on everybody especially with the pandemic going on,” acknowledged Keating.

Manager Moe Brown says his workers are suffering.

“People who are paid to come here and do this for a living—that’s three weeks they’ve been laid off,” he said.

Mounds asking for patience—he says the state’s investigating too.

“The good thing is this was caught, this was caught at this early stage to ensure people’s private information is protected, at the same time we’re going to do a full review that’s going to be led by the [DMV] commissioner.”

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