BERLIN, Conn. (WTNH) — Eversource will spend $74 million to reduce the possibility of outages along more than 4,300 miles of electric lines this year, the utility company announced Thursday.

Trees falling on power equipment is the top cause of storm-related outages, according to Eversource, which makes tree trimming and removal near overhead lines essential.

“Connecticut’s roadside forest is not only getting older, it continues to suffer the effects of a variety of environmental factors ranging from stronger storms and recent droughts to a growing list of insect infestations and diseases,” Sean Redding, the manager of vegetation management for Eversource, said in the written announcement.

Those issues include beech leaf disease, the spongy moth, and the invasive emerald ash borer.

“That’s why our thoughtful program of identifying and removing weak and hazardous trees has never been more important,” Redding said. “Tree trimming is one of the most cost-effective solutions to strengthening the electric grid, and we’re constantly working to improve day-to-day reliability for our customers as we continue to see fewer power outages where this work has been done.” 

Eversource crews trim and remove trees across the year, doing work along more than 16,000 miles of lines. This year, Eversource scheduled 4,300 miles of work.

The following municipalities will see the most improvements. Eversource will notify customers in advance if work is being done on their property:

  • Greenwich: 140 miles of electric lines
  • Manchester: 100 miles of lines
  • Newtown: 100 miles of lines
  • Redding: 98 miles of lines
  • Watertown: 92 miles of lines
  • Berlin: 80 miles of lines
  • Enfield: 80 miles of lines
  • Meriden: 80 miles of lines
  • Southbury: 80 miles of lines
  • Stamford: 80 miles of lines