BERLIN, Conn. (WTNH) — The cost of heating your home this winter is going up, but what’s being done to help offset the cost?

Eversource has heard the people’s concerns. The utility company plans to offer programs and payment plans to help you survive the harsh winter. That topic was the focus of a meeting on Tuesday with Connecticut’s Public Authority (CPA) and state leaders.

The meeting followed a rate hike announcement by Everousce and United Illuminating (UI), which began on Jan. 1. It’s estimated that most customers will see an increase of $80 a month, and business owners are set to see an even bigger impact.

So, what’s behind this increase?

Company leaders said that surging, ongoing global demand for natural gas, and the conflict in Europe are the cause.

“We know it’s not good news, certainly, for customers to know that prices are rising; but nonetheless, we’ve taken it on and have been active in it,” said James Daily from Eversource.

“We’re going to be looking to make sure that no one loses their power as a result of these ridiculously high rates,” added Senator Norm Needleman (D – Conn. 33rd District).

Leaders said Tuesday’s hearing is only the start of the inquiry into higher service rates and not the end of the investigation. But until then, there are things you can do at home to save some cash and keep yourself warm.