(WTNH) — Connecticut is taking it back to the ’80s.

According to new research, conducted by the experts at the fashion retailer Boohoo, the Nutmeg state’s favorite fashion decade is the ’80s.

Fashion from this decade was very distinctive, including exaggerated silhouettes and bright colors.

“From leather biker jackets to baggy blue jeans and iconic mullets, there are elements of this style seen throughout the country – even today,” Boohoo said. “In fact, the smash-hit Stranger Things has no doubt inspired this spike in searches.”

Connecticut isn’t alone in its love for the ’80s — the decade actually came out on top in 36 out of 50 states for the most Googled decades for fashion. California searched for ’80s fashion more than any other state, followed by Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Aside from the pastels and grunge, ’70s fashion was another well-searched decade, known for its bell bottom pants and tie-dye clothes, as well as the ’90s with its slip dresses and bucket hats. The 2000’s fashion, also known as Y2K, is also making a significant comeback; the decade was known for low-rise denim jeans and miniature handbags.

“As the 80s is now the most searched for fashion decade, iconic retro clothing has the potential to become increasingly popular in the coming years,” Boohoo said. “With this in mind, will consumers embrace this bold, bright decade in 2023?”