(WTNH)– As our curve in Connecticut flattened out, hospitals worked hard at getting the word out that they were “open for people” and that they are safe. Many patients were fearful going into the hospital for fear of exposure to COVID-19.

Doctor Ajay Kumar, Chief Clinical Officer with Hartford HealthCare, gives a current update on Hartford HealthCare as far as COVID patients and what they are seeing now in terms of volume of patients coming back in the video above.

Senator Richard Blumenthal spent some time with the owner of a Black-owned business Alisa Bowens-Mercado of New Haven’s “Rhythm Brewing Company.”

Bowens-Mercado is the first African American woman to own a brewing company in Connecticut. She talks about some of the incredible things Rhythm is doing in the community and how she’s involved with the “Black is Beautiful” initiative with Two Roads Brewing in Stratford in the video below.