DANBURY, Conn. (WTNH)– Danbury’s City Council will vote Thursday night on renaming the sewage treatment plant after HBO “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver.

This all stems from an ongoing feud with the mayor. Meanwhile, Danbury could have a future “John Oliver” in the making.

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Meet 8-year-old broadcaster Caio Leaf.

“We pretended that we’re the news. And now we are better than the real CNN,” said Caio Leaf.

His YouTube show “Caio Ninja News” is 47 episodes in.

“A little secret, this is not my real tower… it’s a basement,” said Leaf.

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When HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” Host John Oliver insulted Caio’s hometown of Danbury over the summer, Caio hit back putting his show on the map and earning accolades from the Connecticut’s Chief Executive.

“You’re amazing. You stood up, you took on John Oliver, you’re standing up for the amazing city of Danbury,” said Gov. Ned Lamont.

“My Governor thank you, yes. I stood up to John Oliver,” said Leaf.

Danbury’s mayor also hit back, threatening to name the city’s sewage treatment plant the “John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant.” A move the City Council will take up Thursday night.

“I think that they should name the plant after John Oliver as long as he shows up,” said Leaf.

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But this show isn’t just for fun. Caio is Autistic and this mom-produced broadcast is part of his remote learning plan. He’s able to work on interpretive language by studying emotions he uses on camera.

“He has become better and better at expressing himself through this process,” said Emanuela Leaf, Danbury.

Caio isn’t interested in John Oliver at all.

“I only watch Netflix and Disney+ so no late night shows for this kid,” said Leaf.

But like Oliver, he’s writing, producing, and performing a show a week. And dreaming about what comes after quarantine.

“I will never trust you Covid,” said Leaf.