BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Bridgeport police are investigating claims of “possible misconduct” in last week’s primary mayoral election, officials confirmed to News 8 on Sunday.

The investigation is linked to allegations that a city employee interfered in the race against Democrats Joseph Ganim and John Gomes. Ganim, the current mayor, appeared to have received 51% of the votes, according to initial election results.

Gomes posted about the allegations on Saturday, claiming that the footage shows the race was “unequivocally stolen through corruption within City Hall by tampering with absentee ballots.”

The video, which emerged on social media Friday, shows what appears to be surveillance footage of what it claims is a city employee. Gomes’ team alleges the employee stuffs “multiple illegal absentee ballots” into a ballot box.

The video, which is set to dramatic music that includes the sound of a police scanner, a siren and a helicopter, ends with the message “Election Stolen!”

Gomes has vowed to return on the ballot for the Nov. 7 election. On Monday, he said he doesn’t want the results of the election to be certified, and instead wants a new primary.

“Once I saw the context and civil rights violation that was being pressed upon the residents of Bridgeport, the voters of Bridgeport, I could not hold onto it,” he said on Monday.

Gomes said he was ahead in the polls until absentee ballots were counted, which led to Ganim appearing to be ahead by 251 votes. The footage he released is allegedly from a week before the primary.

He said he’s filed several complaints to the state’s election enforcement commission and has retained an attorney. He plans to file an action on Tuesday to challenge the election count.

Police told News 8 that the department is “actively investigating information regarding possible misconduct based upon a video that has surfaced on social media.” The department is also conducting an internal investigation to see if there was a possible breach in its security video management system.

The department has increased security in the meantime, according to police.

“We take these actions seriously, and we will pursue possible criminal prosecution and/or administrative discipline as it relates to any such security violations,” Bridgeport Police Chief Roderick Porter said in a written statement to News 8.

Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas also says she will be looking into this.

“The public is correctly concerned and outraged. I’m here today to let everyone know that our office takes the security of our elections extremely seriously and we strongly condemn any kind of election impropriety and malfeasance,” Senator Thomas said.

Gomes said he would not discuss the source of the video or where it came from, and that it was given to police days before it was publicly released.

If elected, it would be Ganim’s eighth term as mayor of Bridgeport. He first served from 1991 to 2003 before spending seven years in federal prison for corruption and extortion charges as mayor. Voters returned him to office in 2015.

“The matter in its entirety has been referred to the Chief of Police along with appropriate officials for review and investigation,” Ganim said in a written statement to News 8 on Sunday. “I have full confidence in the Chief, the department, and agencies to handle the apparent illegal actions of any city employees as it involves the release of any city property, including video footage and any related legal or city issues.”

Ganim said that police are also investigating “the action caught on video” of a councilwoman “in an apparent illegal entry of a senior citizen’s house and attempting to steal her absentee ballot.”

On Monday, he sent a second statement condemning any illegal action that may have been taken.

“I want to state unequivocally that I do not condone, in any way, actions taken by anyone including any campaign, city, or elected official, which undermines the integrity of either the electoral process or city property,” he wrote. “The Bridgeport Police Department is actively investigating all these matters, and my administration will continue to update the public as we are able to obtain more information.”

The Republican challenger in the race, David Herz, said that he has “no interest in the Democratic primary.”

“As far as I am concerned, all the contenders are just different shades of blue: It is the blue policies running large cities that continue to give us blue results: the erosion of the family and community values, higher crime, poorer achievement, greater rates of poverty, a shrinking police force,” he said in a written statement to News 8. “They are all just blue termites. They think they are building a home, but they are instead gnawing at the foundations of our society.”