BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Thomas Hunter is having solar panels installed on his Bridgeport home because, he says, the electric bill has become a burden on his family of four. 

“[It’s] too much, honestly,” Hunter said. “The bill is like over $200 right now, especially since the [electric rate] hike.”

Hunter is not the only homeowner looking to save money. 

Chad Crescibene, vice president of sales for Momentum Solar, said the company is seeing a spike in interest in solar energy across the state because customers are facing inflation. 

“[Connecticut customers] were paying, on average, about 23 cents per kilowatt hour for their electricity just about a year ago,” he said. “They’re up about 32 cents per kilowatt hour now.” 

Crescibene said the company will evaluate a home’s roof and customize the panels to help save as much money as possible. 

Homeowners also take advantage of federal tax credits. The Inflation Reduction Act is investing more than $300 million in solar and renewable energy.  

Crescibene said solar panels will help homeowners save money immediately, and that in the decades to come they should expect to see tens of thousands of dollars go back into their pockets. He said that can be anywhere from $20,000 to $55,000 over the life of the system. It also increases a home’s value by 4%.

He said now is the best time to consider solar because the longer a homeowner waits, the less they’ll save. 

That’s why Hunter is now hoping to put a bandage on his bill. 

“Trying to stop the bleeding, as they say,” he said. “Trying to stop the bleed, that’s all.”