STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Branden Collins was working in a high-voltage area in Stamford when the Eversource lineman noticed a ball of fur.

When he looked closer, he saw it was actually four kittens — all near energized lines and transformers.

That’s when Collins stepped in to save them, de-energizing the area so he could safely go in and rescue the kittens. With the help of Stamford police and animal control, he was able to get them out.

“With the energized wire and the energy from the transformers, it was the worst possible area that they could be in,” Collins said.

Three of the kittens had burn wounds. Now, they’re on their way to recover with Animal Nation, a nonprofit rescue.

“I was happy to do my part,” Collins said. “It didn’t seem real. Now, I got my eye open for kittens everywhere I go.”

The kittens, who will be ready for adoption in the coming weeks — have been named Amp, Watt, Zolt and Ever.