(WTNH) — It’s not everyday that you have palm trees in a television studio, but that was the case on tonight’s Nyberg.

Brandon Hall of Fairfield got an idea after taking a vacation to Cancun. He was surrounded by palm trees. he loved it and wanted to figure out how to bring them to Connecticut to extend that vacation feel you have when you’re away.

He figured it out and now serves the Tri-State area by hauling up various types and sizes of palm trees from Florida. Clients put them in their yards from May to October and rent them for weddings and events.

“What types of palms are these?”

“So the scientific name is Adonidia, but the more common name is a Christmas Palm,” Hall said.

“How many varieties of palms do you house? How do you store them?”

“So many varieties. So we have about eight different varieties and it does differ from season to season,” he said.

He says usually the maximum size tree they carry is 12 feet tall.

“Can you actually put these in the ground from May to October or do you have to keep them in the pots?”

“That’s a very good question. Some people prefer to not have the look of the pot in their yards. They like them buried in the ground,” he said.

When the season is over, you can store your tree in a greenhouse in Cheshire.

“Clients will buy trees from us instead of renting them. Sometimes they’re just attached to those trees year after year after year so we pick them up in October, bring them back, store it for them in the off season and bring them back in May,” he said.

One event he has coming up has him hauling 20 of his tallest palm trees into New York City for a rooftop soiree.

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