STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Michelle Troconis, the former girlfriend of the late Fotis Dulos, appeared in Stamford Superior Court on Friday morning.

Troconis is facing conspiracy to commit murder charges surrounding the disappearance of Dulos’ wife, Jennifer. She’s been on house arrest with GPS monitoring. This was a hearing about Troconis’ bail and while not much was decided, the two sides certainly got into it in court.

The state did file new charges against Troconis in the case – tampering with physical evidence and conspiracy to commit tampering with physical evidence.

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All this comes after her lawyer Jon Schoenhorn released some video earlier this week showing her under intense police interrogation.

The video Schoenhorn released allegedly shows Fotis Dulos dropping bags and other things along Albany Avenue in Hartford. Police say the video shows Dulos dumping bloody evidence.

They also say Troconis is in the vehicle with him. You don’t see her helping at all, however. We also saw a video of her interrogation by police. The lawyer for Troconis says it shows investigators talking over her, interrupting her.

“He didn’t provide me the ability to object to anything he was getting out into the media,” he said. “Since he did this just as a stunt, and I’ll emphasize it was a stunt, and I’ll ask the court take sanctions against him.”

The Chief State’s Attorney blasted Schoenhorn for releasing the videos to the press. After he was done, Schoenhorn demanded the court sanction the prosecutor for what he had just said. When it comes to the actual reason for being here, Schoenhorn says the house arrest, the ankle bracelet the restrictions on going anywhere are too much.

Schoenhorn said, “I believe these restrictions are more like punishment, and if they are, then they’re getting a pound of flesh out of her by these restrictions, and afterwards I’ll address it at the appropriate time.”

He says Troconis could not even go visit her father who was sick in the hospital with COVID. The State’s Attorney countered, saying her one-time boyfriend is dead and her daughter is living out of state, so Troconis has no ties keeping her in Connecticut. With that said, the State’s Attorney said they need the ankle monitor and travel restrictions kept in place. They also discussed a possible change in venue to Hartford. That got a little heated as well.

The end result is Troconis no longer has to take part in something called Intensive Pre-Trial Supervision. She does not have to report to a probation officer. Everything else, including the ankle monitor and travel restrictions, remains in place until the judge makes his next decision. That is expected in a couple of weeks.