BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) – The Office of the Inspector General has found an officer that was involved in a shooting in Bridgeport last year was justified in their actions.

On Jun. 15, 2021, officers stopped a car in Bridgeport that was believed to have a gun inside. According to the Inspector General’s report, Officer Carlos Vazquez approached the car, but it abruptly reversed, hitting four cars.

The report states that the driver then drove forward, turning sharply, and going toward Vazquez. Vazquez then fired one shot at the car.

The bullet struck the driver, identified as Dennis Waiters. Waiters was brought to Bridgeport Hospital where he was later released.

After an investigation by the Inspector General, he found that Vazquez used deadly force “to defend himself from what he reasonably believed to be a threat of serious physical injury or death posed by an oncoming vehicle.”

Due to this, the Inspector General found the use of force reasonable and justified.