BRIDGEPORT, Conn (WTNH) — Keeping schools safe has remained a top priority throughout the pandemic. In recent weeks, districts have doubled down on their efforts as COVID-19 numbers spiked.

On Monday, Governor Ned Lamont and leaders from the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) visited a Bridgeport school to see what measures are in place.

“This idea has been throughout this pandemic is we all benefit when public health is maintained, schools are open, and communication is solid,” said Kate Dias, President of CEA.

At Blackham School in Bridgeport, masks, wipes, and hand sanitizer can be found throughout the school. There has also been an emphasis on testing, with the state distributing more than 1.4 million test kits to school districts across the state.

“We did have enough after the second round of distribution from the state to have every child leave on Friday with a test kit of two tests so they could bring home and parents can utilize, as necessary,” said Michael Testani, Superintendent of Bridgeport Public Schools.

As for when these measures might start to relax, Lamont said the numbers will determine that.

“I think the facts on the ground are going to tell us something pretty soon,” Lamont said. “If we see Connecticut is like New York, which was like South Africa, and the infection rate goes down quickly, we’ll have a good idea of where we stand early-mid February.”

The governor said as the school year moves forward, they will be working together to make decisions that are in the best interest of everyone.