NEWTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — Ten years after 20 students and six educators were killed in Newtown, a church, yet again, became a sanctuary for remembrance.

“We pray for their family,” Bishop Frank Caggiano said during a special Mass held Wednesday to honor the victims.

Inside a church, parishioners gathered to remember and pray for not only those who were killed but those who were in the path of violence and survived.

“They are in their later years, on the cusp of becoming adults now,” Caggiano said. “They saw unspeakable horror, something no one of any age should ever see or be part of.”

Those in attendance prayed for the first responders who were at the scene and for the violence that continues across the nation. The message has been the same — choose love.

“Love can heal, that love gives hope, that loves shines in the darkest hours of the night,” Caggiano said.