Newtown family mourning dog who died after being electrocuted by downed wire during Isaias aftermath


NEWTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — A Newtown family is morning the loss of their dog, Buddy, who was killed after being electrocuted by a downed wire last week.

On Saturday morning, John Fung let Buddy outside to use the bathroom, then left to get gas for his generator — his family had been without power for five days after Isaias.

Immediately after he left, he got a call.

“Our next door neighbor ran across to notify us that our dog had wandered right over here less than 10 yards from our playground, pool and everything else and had fallen over,” he said.

His 12-year-old lab, a friendly, fun and loving companion, was killed after being electrocuted by a downed wire.

“You can see the char on the animal,” he explained. “They had to leave him there until a make safe crew from Eversource actually did show up.”

Fung said days before, a fire broke out twice where the wire was on the ground — the same spot where Buddy was found.

Two times fire crews were called out, but they couldn’t go near the wire. They waited until the fire fizzled out.

“There’s always the blanket statement of on the website saying ‘don’t go near down wires,’ but I mean, just with the nature of time, and like I said, people become complacent because we’re driving past it. We’re in feet of it constantly, and there was no follow up. There was no indication that it was live.”

Fung said the situation could’ve easily included one of his children.

“Don’t take for granted that people are doing the right thing, and it’s unfortunate that there had to be a loss of life for this lesson to be learned, but at least for us and for those that were close to it, it has been learned,” he said.

Eversource released the following statement:

The loss of a pet is devastating. We understand that Buddy was a beloved member of the Fung family and a lifelong companion. Our hearts go out to them at this time.

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