FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — A Fairfield vape shop that already had been busted for selling marijuana to underage customers has now been suspended by the Connecticut Department of Labor, according to Fairfield police.

The move comes after an investigation into Rose Smoke and Vape Shop, which is located at 2035 Black Rock Trnpk. in Fairfield. It is the second time police have looked into complaints about the business since June.

Police have received multiple complaints that the business continued to sell marijuana and nicotine products to minors, according to officers — even after an arrest was made in June.

Police seized packages of suspended marijuana, untaxed tobacco and marijuana vape products Wednesday, according to the department.

Israel Vigo, 24, of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, is facing charges of possession of more than a kilogram of marijuana, operation of a drug factory and possession of a controlled substance. He had 2.2 pounds of marijuana, according to police.

He will appear in court on Oct. 19.

Police anticipate that more arrests will follow.