DANBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — The saga of the name of Danbury’s sewage plant reaching the City Council Tuesday night.

There’s overwhelming support to rename the sewage plant after comedian John Oliver.

It all started on his HBO show “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” a few weeks back when he lambasted Danbury (a move he later admitted to be a random choice of Connecticut city for his joke).

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Mayor Mark Boughton later shared his own video telling Oliver he’d name the city’s sewage plant after him in retaliation for the smackdown.

Oliver, loving the back and forth, returned a message on his show saying, if Boughton was serious and followed through on the renaming, he’d donate over $50,000 to charities in the Danbury area.

Mayor Boughton agreed to the renaming.

So the resolution to rename the sewage plant to ‘The John Oliver Memorial Sewage Plant’ was brought before the council Tuesday night.

Dozens of emails from the public were read, supporting the new name for charity.

Most council members spoke in support of the idea, but some were concerned it would set a precedent.

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City Councilman Paul Rotello said, “A naming of a billion-dollar plant for a comedian who’s insulted the city of Danbury is clearly humorous, but the precedent of naming not just a sewer plant or a school or a park or something like that for another issue that comes up in the future I think is something that we should explore.”

City Councilman Warren Levy added, “If we can raise money for good causes, I don’t think there’s a long line of people that want their name on the side of the wastewater treatment system so, therefore, I’m going to support this.”

The mayor reminded councilmen, a resolution isn’t permanent. The matter will go before a committee on Thursday. Then there’s a special meeting Thursday night to vote on the new name.