FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — As police, fire, and medical crews spend their work shifts facing the coronavirus, many do not want to come home and risk exposing their families to everything they’ve been exposed to. That’s where Sacred Heart University comes in.

Public Safety Director Gary McNamara said, “If you are someone who may have been exposed and do not want to go home, we will have some services for you. So what we’ve encouraged first responders to do is pack a go-bag.”

The university is offering empty dorm rooms on its Fairfield campus. McNamara used to be a police chief, and he is telling first responders to bring that go-bag with them to work every day, and if something happens at work that makes it unsafe to go home, they can come here instead.

They have plenty of space in the dorms because almost all the students have gone home. Almost — because there are still about 40 of them who are still living in this dorm.

“Not everybody can go home, we know that, so we opened up one of our dorms,” Gary McNamara said. “We have food service, we can continue to provide services for them so they can stay on campus.”

On Wednesday, Southern Connecticut State University’s gym was converted into a field hospital. There is also the possibility of doing that at Sacred Heart.

“So a lot of different agencies a lot of different people are looking at where they can house people,” McNamara explains. “We have been in touch. They have been looking at our facilities whether or not a field hospital can be set up here. Especially since Fairfield County has been impacted a lot with this infection.”

But so far, no concrete plans are in place.