Fairfield Preparatory School apologized to Staples High School for the actions of students who used anti-Semitic chants during a lacrosse state playoff game last week.

Rev. Thomas M. Simisky, S.J., president of Fairfield College Preparatory School said, “So many positive things happened this year to make us a better school. We celebrated many achievements. And yet, one incident overshadows everything, and will mark this year.”

Fairfield Prep

Rev. Simisky added, “You probably saw the headlines about the behavior of some Fairfield Prep fans during Wednesday’s lacrosse game at Staples High School, involving anti-Semitic chants and obscene gestures. I will not attempt to infer motives of those involved, whether these actions were intended to be hateful, ignorant, or otherwise. The results are the same – hurtful, divisive, and insidiously harmful to all that is good in the world.” During the game, Fairfield prep fans chanted hateful words at Jewish Staples players. A Fairfield Prep parent is reacting. 

“I know that there was a police officer that shut it down and he told the Prep fans to stop chanting and I believe that they did what he asked them to do,” said Jim Mcaleavey. “I know that there was an administrator that went over there and I think he ripped a sign away that was not a great sign.”

Parents said Staples fans were also involved in explosive chanting. Mcaleavey added, “What was said on both sides is inexcusable. There’s no room for that in any sport. “Rabbi Marcelo Kormis with the Congregation Beth El in Fairfield said, “Any kind of discrimination that is based on religion or race or the color of your skin doesn’t have any place in our society.”

Fairfield Prep’s school president met with the Anti-Defamation League early this morning in a closed door session on the Fairfield campus. Andy Friedland, the assistant director with the Anti-Defamation League said, “The leadership at Fairfield Prep is really forthcoming about admitting and taking accountability for what happened and committed to working going forward working together.”

Rev. Simisky added, “I cannot tell you how disappointed and upset I was to learn of this, especially given our many initiatives this year to address race, equity, and inclusion issues.” Parents said hatred tarnished what should have been a great game. Mcaleavey added, “I think it’s a society issue with the kids today. I think there’s no respect and it showed obviously that day unfortunately.”