NEW CANAAN, Conn. (WTNH) — In a letter to families of St. Luke’s School, a school official said Teddy Balkind did not fall on the ice before he sustained a fatal neck injury during a hockey game at Brunswick School in Greenwich last week.

On behalf of the Balkinds, St. Luke’s Head of School Mark Davis made the clarification, writing, “Teddy did not fall and was not lying on the ice. He was skating upright and low. During the normal course of play, another player’s leg momentarily went into the air and, through no fault of anyone’s, or any lack of control, his skate cut Teddy.”

Balkind, a sophomore at St. Luke’s School, was taken to Greenwich Hospital and died that night as a result of the injury, according to officials.

Davis said the Balkinds are concerned about the well-being of the hockey players and coaches from both schools, with a particular point of concern being an “inaccurate description of the accident that nevertheless has become widespread.”

In the hours after the incident occurred on Jan. 6, Greenwich Police Department Captain Mark Zuccerella said the injury occurred after the player fell to the ice.

“During the normal course of the game, a player from the other team fell to the ice. Another player who was near the downed player was unable to stop, and collided with the player who fell,” Zuccerella said. “The player on the ice sustained an injury.”

Zuccerella told News 8 Friday Teddy fell to the ice after sustaining the injury.

“I see how this part of the statement may have been interpreted incorrectly,” Zuccerella said. “This was a tragic incident. There was never any indication this was anything other than a tragic accident, nor was anyone to blame.”

Davis wrote in the letter, “The Balkinds know these teams are carrying the weight of this tragedy on their shoulders. They hope setting the record straight will lift some of that weight and help the healing begin.”