NORWALK, Conn. (WTNH) – State troopers were dispatched to I-95 in Norwalk Wednesday for reports of two loose dogs on the highway.

Troopers stated when they got the call, reports said that two loose dogs were seen wandering I-95 South between exits 17 and 16. Trooper Jacabacci responded, and said he found two Huskies laying on the right shoulder underneath some shade.

Husky #1 rescued off I-95 South in Norwalk by Trooper Jacabacci (Photo provided by Connecticut State Police)

The first Husky, seen wearing a blue-collar, was lured by Jacabacci into his cruiser using a protein snack. Once Jacabacci safely secured the first dog in the backseat, he attempted to help the second.

However, the second Husky proved more difficult than the first to get into Jacabacci’s cruiser. The second Husky, seen wearing a pink collar, took off down I-95 Southbound until she got off at Exit 16. She darted through various backyards off the exit while several state troopers, DMV officers, a UCONN officer, and Norwalk police chased her.

Husky #2 rescued off I-95 South in Norwalk (Photo provided by Connecticut State Police)

Finally, officials said the second Husky ran into a local sandwich shop parking lot where officers, aided by a civilian, were able to box her in. There, troopers safely gained control of the Husky.

Both Huskies are safe, uninjured, and in the custody of Norwalk Animal Control, according to police.