Subtle high-tech security at new Sandy Hook School


NEWTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — The new Sandy Hook School is on the same land, but is not on the same footprint as the school where the tragedy occurred. It’s hard to tell where the old school was, even for teachers that have visited.  It incorporates much of the nature and feeling of the rolling hills of Western Connecticut, but also has the latest state of the art security.

It includes bullet proof glass, electronic doors and door locks, cameras, (both visible and not visible) and panic buttons strategically located throughout the building. Bob Mitchell is an architect who lives in town and was chairman of the building committee.Related Content: First look at new Sandy Hook Elementary

“There’s a lot of things that were well thought about in the school through a whole process that we incorporated into the school. It’s a comfortable place for an education. This is a school first,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell adds the main goals were; it shouldn’t look like a high security area and it shouldn’t look like the old school.

Gene Rosen’s home is at the entrance to the school. He sheltered several of the kids that ran from the shooting that day and has kept in touch with them.

“The three that I’ve been in touch with have just done very, very, well, extremely well,” said Rosen.Related Content: Photos: New Sandy Hook Elementary School

But it’s known that not all of the kids have done extremely well, even with the extensive counseling that’s still going on.

“I want to hear them again. I want to hear them laugh and shout and cry and play. I want to hear them again, that’s how I feel about this school,” said Rosen.

Gene will be able to hear the kids from his house and backyard again starting on August 29th, the first day of school. Only about 30 of the kids that were at the old school on the day of the shooting, that terrible day, will be coming back to the new school. They were in kindergarten that day. All of the rest have now moved on to intermediate school.

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