(WTNH)–On a December morning in 2012, 6-year-old Jesse Lewis wrote his mom a love note in the frost on her car; “I love you” with hearts.

That was the last time Scarlett Lewis would see her little boy alive.

Jesse Lewis, 6, smiling next to his love note he wrote in the frost on his mom’s car.

Three days after Jesse was killed at Sandy Hook, his mom found another note, this time on the kitchen chalkboard, and it changed her life.

The note had three words on it: “nurturing, healing, love.”

“When I found that message three days after he died, I knew instantly that if our shooter had been able to give and receive nurturing, healing love, the tragedy would never have happened,” Scarlett Lewis said. “It was as simple as that. I knew I would be spending the rest of my life spreading this message.”

And that’s how the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement came to be.

The program is a simple, easy lesson plan for toddlers through adults. The goal is to teach people when confronted with a problem to make their first solution, love.

In the years since Jesse’s death, the Choose Love movement has exploded. It’s now being taught in all 50 states and 80 countries.

Jesse and Scarlett Lewis

Jesse’s mom says he’s saving lives from the inside.

“Traditionally we focus on external safety measures which are really important. But social and emotional learning cultivates safety from the inside out of every child,” Scarlett said.

A concert will be held for the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement Sunday, June 30, Jesse’s birthday. He would have turned 13 this year.

It starts at 3:00 p.m. at Ives Concert Park in Danbury.

There are a couple of bands; the headliner is John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.

To learn more about the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, go to https://www.jesselewischooselove.org/about-us/.