STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — THC products are flying-off the shelves in Stamford — and not from customers.

Thousands of illegal synthetic THC products have been seized from three smoke shops in the city.

An investigation was conducted in late December 2022 with unannounced visits at gas stations and vape shops. Delta-8 products were found at every vape shop, as well as one of the gas stations. Investigators found products that mimicked popular youth-oriented snack foods and candies.

Investigators confiscated around 6,000 Delta-8 products during raids. At one shop, the products were found behind a fake electrical panel.

Products that exceed .3% THC on a dry weight, including Delta-8 THC, are considered cannabis. These products may only be sold in the regulated market and must meet rigorous testing and packaging requirements.

Attorney General William Tong said he’ll be taking legal action against the shops for violating the Connecticut Unfair Trade Act.

AG Tong released the following statement:

“My message to retailers is clear—if you continue to sell unregulated, untested, illegal cannabis, I will hold you accountable. Fake Oreos, Cheetos, and Sour Patch Kids packed with THC put kids in danger and are not legal anywhere in Connecticut. In partnership with the Stamford Police Department, thousands of these illegal cannabis products have been confiscated and their sellers now face legal consequences, I have sent letters to every licensed vape shop and publicized the law in every way that I can. There is zero excuse for the continued sale of these illegal, unregulated, and untested products.”