WESTPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — If you are a customer of M&T Bank, you may be a victim of this scam.

On March 23, Westport police responded to M&T Bank on a report of a possible scam. Responding officers located a victim in the bank who said she received a call from a man that said he and the victim’s daughter had been involved in a car crash.

The man claimed to have taken the victim’s daughter hostage and demanded that she withdraw money from the bank in exchange for the safe return of her daughter. The victim was told not to text or call anyone.

According to police, the victim could hear a female in the background, screaming and crying. The victim went to the bank afterward, and attempted to withdraw money from her account.

A bank employee felt something was wrong, as the victim seemed obviously upset, said police. In talking with the victim, the employee immediately recognized the incident to be a scam.

The bank contacted the Westport Police Department, and they had the victim contact her daughter who turned out to be OK.

Police said they had seen this scam and similar ones, and banks such as M&T were able to prevent them, some within the last week.

Some quick tips from the WPD:

  • Do not send any money or gift cards to an unknown person.
  • Make contact with family who claim to be in danger prior to sending money.
  • Call the police if unable to contact family members.
  • Report any potential scam.