Family member of B-17 bomber crash survivor, Mitch Melton, speaks


(WTNH) — Air Force member, Mitch Melton, has been identified as one of the 14 victims involved in the crash of a World War II B-17 Bomber vintage aircraft on Wednesday, October 2 at Bradley International Airport.

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Melton, 34, survived the crash, however possibly has a broken arm, broken ribs, a bleed in his liver and bruising as a result.

ABC News spoke with Tori Boykin, a family member of Mitch Melton, to learn more about the moment she found out about the incident as well as details on his road to recovery.

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On how she found out about the plane crash:

“It wasn’t confirmed that he was on the plane. I had to leave work because it came across the news. I left work, came back and I got in touch with the foundation that he’s a part of. And they told me that they were taking him to the hospital, and it was hard.”

– Tori Boykin, family member of Mitch Melton

On the injuries that Mitch sustained:

“Right now, they said that he’s gonna be in ICU for a while but he went in to surgery because he had a bleed in his liver and he’s stable right now. They said that everything’s gonna be okay.”

– Tori Boykin, family member of Mitch Melton

On what happened in the incident:

“All I really know if that they lost power. When they crashed, they were 800-feet in the air. And when they came down the fuel tanks exploded. And there was 13 people involved and we’re trying to figure out still if he was one of the three men in the front or if he was in the back of the plane.”

– Tori Boykin, family member of Mitch Melton

On Mitch’s job:

“He was in the military, he was in the Army and the Air Force. He was an aviation mechanic. He got offered this job – not really a job it was more like a dream. He told me he wanted to travel all over for a couple months and that it would make him the happiest ever to be able to do that so I just supported that.”

– Tori Boykin, family member of Mitch Melton

Update: October 9th, 2019

A week after the crash, Mitchell Melton – one of the crew members on the B-17 – was released from the Hartford Hospital where he was treated for a bleed in his liver and broken bones.

As of October 9th, he is reported to have returned home to Texas.

His family has set up a Facebook fundraiser for his recovery. To-date, it has raised $19,000.

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