CELEBRATION, Fla. (WTNH)– Florida officials are seeking the death penalty in the case of the Colchester man who was arrested in January for killing his family.

State Attorney Aramis Ayala announced Tuesday that Anthony Todt has been charged with four counts of capital murder and one count of animal cruelty following a grand jury investigation.

Ayala added that the state is seeking the death penalty for these crimes.

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“I can’t imagine the pain and the agony they’re [the family] going through, but we are going to absolutely do all that we can to make certain justice is served,” Ayala said. “As we go through this process it is my hope that they are able to find some semblance of peace in the process.”

While some leaders in Connecticut, where the Todt family originated, said they think the announcement will continue to be an open wound.

“I don’t think today’s news is a period, I think it’s a reopening,” said Colchester First Selectman Mary Bylone. “This is that drip, drip, drip that will go on to keep the wounds open.”

“I had him as a personal trainer, my kids, my wife,” said Colchester resident Christopher Robinson. “The family, other people that knew him, other people that still regarded him as a friend, or the family as a friend…unfortunately, it’s gonna be with them forever, and that’s a sad situation.”

The Todt family, originally of Colchester, went missing in December 2019 after they had moved to Celebration, Florida.

The bodies of the mother, 42-year-old Megan sons, 13-year-old Aleksander, 11-year-old Tyler, 4-year-old daughter Zoe and the family dog were found in their Celebration home on Jan. 13.

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Anthony Todt was then arrested at the home the same day the bodies were discovered and allegedly confessed to the murders when taken into custody.