NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Today is national adoption day. To celebrate adopted and foster families, the State of Connecticut is finalizing some 50 adoptions today. The court let News 8 attend the adoption of 21 month-old Lilly Clarizio.

“We try to raise awareness of children in foster care and adoptive families to help honor and support them,” explained Juvenile Court Judge Victoria Chavey.

Keren Clarizio is very aware of children in foster care.

“Just by playing in the park or something, ‘Oh, you’re a foster parent, too?’ ‘Or you adopted, too?’ It’s everywhere,” Keren said.

Almost 15 years ago, Keren saw an information booth at a fair about being a foster parent. That is how she adopted Ray when she was just a baby. She’s now a teenager. The family grew from there.

“She said, ‘How would you feel about having a little brother?'” Ray remembered, even though she was very young at the time. “I was over the moon excited. Yay, I get someone to play with.”
That is when David came along. There were a half dozen foster kids over the years who ended up back with relatives, or in other homes. Then came Lilly.

“I got her right from the hospital right when she was born,” Keren said. “So, she’s really been part of the family for almost two years.”

Lilly fit right in. She got along really well with David. It figures, because Lilly is David’s half-sister. When Keren told David that, she claims David said, ‘I know’. Whether David really knew or not, we’ll never know for sure. It really doesn’t matter because it is clear he is the big brother. How do we know? Just ask him to talk about his little sister, and how she annoys him.

“I’m just sitting there, and out of nowhere she comes with a book and throws it at me,” said David. Now that Lilly is officially a Clarizio, ten year-old David claims he is not excited.

“‘Cause I’m going to get more hair pulling every day,” said David.

“It’s forever now,” Keren added.

Proof that a forever family, no matter how it comes together, is just like any other family.