(WTNH) — Pratt & Whitney announced hundreds of employees state-wide were being laid off because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pratt & Whitney said 450 salaried employees, across all departments, were impacted.

Dr. Keith Prioleau, of Southington, was among those employees. When he learned he had a meeting Tuesday morning, he told News 8, “I thought to myself it couldn’t be part of the layoff.” 

Dr. Prioleau later found out his position was being eliminated immediately.

In a statement, released earlier this week, Pratt & Whitney said they continue to experience reduced commercial business. It continued by saying this was an extremely difficult, but necessary, decision. 

Dr. Prioleau told News 8 he’s a longtime employee, who’s been working within the legal department — specifically, government security services. He said their role was to protect and secure information. 

Dr. Prioleau is now hoping he’ll find a new spot within Pratt & Whitney’s parent company, Raytheon Technologies, and stay in Connecticut where his daughter is.

“There are a lot of jobs, a lot of jobs when you look at their internal and external postings [that] I qualify for,” said Dr. Prioleau. “If they’re looking for a highly-educated employee who’s been with Raytheon for 19 years, I’m your guy!”

News 8 reached Pratt & Whitney on Thursday for further information. The company said it’s going to make sure these impacted employees know about those other opportunities.