Fotis Dulos pleads not guilty to murder charges, remains out on bond under strict house arrest

The Dulos Case

STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — After a court appearance Thursday morning, Fotis Dulos plead not-guilty to all charges against him and remains out on bond. However, Judge Gary White called Dulos’ activity of removing a memorial to his estranged wife a “second strike.”

Dulos appeared in Stamford Superior court Thursday and plead not-guilty to murder, capitol murder, and kidnapping charges in the case of his missing, estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos.

Dulos has been on monitored house arrest at his home in Farmington since he was arrested last week.

Wednesday, the State’s Attorney asked the judge in the case to revoke Dulos’ bond because he allegedly violated his terms of release.

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According to his release terms, Dulos can only leave his property to go to the doctor, visit his lawyer, and go to church.

The state said only days ago Dulos dismantled a memorial created for his wife at the end of his private street: a section of road not part of Dulos’ property. GPS data confirms the unauthorized stop lasted three minutes.

Thursday, at Dulos’ probate hearing, the judge referred to Dulos’ memorial removing activity as the second strike because the first strike for Dulos was when he had an issue charging his GPS ankle monitor, prior to the murder charge.

Norm Pattis, Dulos’ attorney, told the judge Thursday that Dulos was being harassed, specifically by a Facebook group that was trying to get justice for Jennifer Dulos and had encouraged people to place items at the memorial there to taunt Dulos and give him a hard time.

Pattis pointed to a Facebook group on which, according to a defense exhibit, members discussed putting a memorial “right on Fotis house” and that “hopefully it will haunt him.”

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Pattis told Judge White that, additionally, a man had sneaked into Dulos’ home, recorded him, and tried to sell the footage.

The judge told Pattis that if he asked one more time to reconsider the bond conditions, he’d raise Dulos’ bond.

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Dulos will remain under strict, monitored house arrest. The judge also granted State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo’s request that Dulos no longer be allowed to leave the house for work purposes.

Pattis appealing to the judge to reconsider, saying Dulos needs to be able to leave his home in order to work: to meet with bankers, financiers, and visit properties.

In his plea for leniency Pattis mentioning a Sturbridge/New Canaan home. A recent foreclosure filing indicates the home is in danger of falling into disrepair and the power is set to be shut off. Fotis’s company the fore group is trying to sell it.

“He’s a real estate developer and the sale of one home will right a faltering financial ship for him…He’s on-edge financially.”

– Norm Pattis, Fotis Dulos attorney

Judge White responding simply: “No.”

Outside the court after Judge White’s scolding, Pattis admitted, “This is a bad day for us.”

“We know items were placed – candles, wreaths, and so forth – in close proximity to his home with an aim to tell him whatever it is these folks wanted to tell him.”

– Norm Pattis, Fotis Dulos Attorney

WEB EXTRA: Norm Pattis, Dulos’ attorney addresses the press, update on probate hearing Thursday

In front of the judge Thursday, Pattis also waived Dulos’ probable cause hearing.


Any time someone is charged with murder, they’re eligible for such a hearing within 60 days of being arrested at which point the prosecution presents some of the evidence in the case before an actual trial.

At first Dulos wanted one, but decided to waive it to basically speed the process along and get this case to trial.


On January 7, Fotis Dulos was charged with murder, felony murder, and kidnapping in the disappearance of his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos. He was then released from jail after posting bond.

Police have spelled out that they believe Fotis Dulos was lying-in-wait for Jennifer Dulos at her New Canaan home the day she disappeared eight months ago. They’re saying that when she returned to the home after dropping her five children off at school, some sort of violent attack took place, this based on blood and evidence that was found in her garage and in trash bags that were dumped by Fotis Dulos in Hartford.

Jennifer Dulos’ body has never been found. According to authorities, she is presumed dead.

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