(WTNH) — Fotis Dulos is still the prime suspect in connection to the disappearance of his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos. His attorney, Norm Pattis, spoke with Chaz and AJ in the Morning on 99.1 PLR, New Haven on Wednesday.

“Spouses are always suspect in the missing person cases of this sort and we get it,” said Pattis. “We’re anxious to address this case in open court and by the rules of evidence and procedure because at that point we win.”

Pattis is expected to get a look at the evidence in the case from the state, such as pictures and the police report.

“The description of the scene in the garage is that there was a violent struggle and that I want to see,” Pattis explains. “I want to see how violent. You know obviously it’s a matter of grave concern to us, but I have not heard they have a smoking gun so to speak.”

Jennifer Dulos went missing from her New Canaan home on May 24th after dropping her five kids off at school.

Fotis and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, are accused of dumping trash bags in Hartford that contained Jennifer’s blood. Michelle later provided an alibi and passed a polygraph test that police were satisfied with.

Investigators have asked for surveillance video from homes and businesses to help shed some light on what happened. Pattis says he’s not aware of anything that shows Fotis leaving his home or Jennifer’s home in New Canaan the day she went missing.

“I know that law enforcement now is focusing on his going out the back of his home in Farmington and potentially entering in the rear of the New Canaan home. We do not have video footage that confirms or denies that,” said Pattis.

Jennifer’s whereabouts is still a mystery, despite a search that has taken police from New Canaan to Pound Ridge, New York. Then Hartford, Farmington, Avon and West Hartford.

Pattis is asking the public to not make any hasty conclusions about the case until all the facts are on the table.

“Once I know a little bit more we will roll out more of the defense. We have plenty more to say. I know there are lots of questions that people have about things in the case and we have answers. Like kids at Christmas, everybody’s got to wait for us to unwrap the package,” said Pattis.

Fotis Dulos maintains his innocence.